About Me


I have been self-employed for over 30 years now, I started off working in agriculture and horticulture, I soon realised that I wasn’t going to earn much money working for someone! I used to do small garden jobs for people before I left school and I ended up starting a couple of different landscaping businesses which have now both been sold! I still have a great interest in agriculture and horticulture, especially the machinery side.

It was around the year 2000 when I had my first PC, I had never used a computer or even touched a mouse before neither had any particular interest in having a PC, but a friend thought that I needed one so he sorted out my first PC for me and gave me some basic training. It took me many hours of frustration to understand how a computer worked and with no broadband surfing the Internet or trying to surf the Internet almost seemed totally pointless on dial-up!

It wasn’t until broadband came along that it totally changed my perspective on the Internet and I suddenly felt that the Internet had huge potential to make a living online!

I started putting searches into Google like “working from home” and “make money online” I’m sure that I came across all sorts of spam products and unfortunately purchased some of them;

But at least I was learning something!

I had my first website built in 2004, this was actually for my landscaping business, but I did manage to get most of the pages onto page one in Google!

I then had another website built, this actually started out as a Google AdSense site, but we also were able to sell products on the site, I remember the first day that the site went live, we actually sold a product, which was a very satisfying experience!

I have learnt a tremendous amount in the last 12 years about Internet marketing, making plenty of mistakes along the way! My aim is to help as many people as possible, not to make mistakes thatI have made!

Thank you for reading my, “about me page”, you can drop me a comment below, or you can message me through my wealthy affiliate profile, here is the link.