The Benefits Of A Good Webmaster

wordpress-581849__180I remember back in 2004 I had my first website built for my landscaping business, I did not know anything about building a website, so I had to leave it to a professional. I was recommended a Webmaster in a nearby town who had good experience of designing websites. My first website had five pages, (I had the ability to add more pages if I wanted to and I did!) This website cost me £1000 approximately $1500. I was more than happy with my new website, although it did seem quite a lot of money back in 2004!

I did get a lot of business through this website and all the pages were on page 1 of Google.


My second website that my Webmaster designed started off a Google AdSense website with the idea of adding a series of phases over a period of time. So to start with I was adding content to my website before the site was live, so that when the site did go live we would have plenty of content to share and the possibility of some sales. I paid my Webmaster £2000 for this site ($3000 approximately). The first day the site went live we actually made a sale, which is really encouraging at the time!


We went on to add several different phases to this particular website, which gave an amazing amount of functionality and quite a few various income streams. I don’t know exactly how much the total cost was for this website, but it was something like between 15 and £20,000 ($25-$30,000) in total, it is probably best if I don’t know how much I spent! Both of my websites looked very professional and both done quite well.


The biggest problem I had was that my Webmaster had no Internet marketing knowledge whatsoever!


I eventually parted company with my Webmaster in 2009 as the costs for the slightest change to my website, would be £450 plus VAT per day ($700 approximately per day). I also knew that I could find someone much more obliging and with more Internet marketing knowledge for much less money.


Finding the right Webmaster!


I started searching for a new Webmaster by looking on various websites like and similar sites. I was fortunate to find a Webmaster on a website similar to only the site charged $20 per job. My new Webmaster completed a few jobs for me very successfully and we ended up talking on Skype and his still working for me six years later!


The benefits of my new Webmaster were amazing, we actually put up a website on Christmas morning, this is something that I wouldn’t expect anyone to do! And a few days later we started to get sales! Since then we have built several different sites and tried quite a few experiments! The reason I’m telling you this is because when I first started out I had a man who could make nice looking websites, but didn’t have a clue how to market online!

Now I have a Webmaster who can build websites and knows how to market and how the web works!


You have a choice


I have two products that I refer to almost daily.

The first one is my Webmaster who I regularly speak to on Skype as we always seem to have many projects on. If you would like to find out more please schedule a call with us.


The second product that I use and refer to a lot is a membership site called wealthy Affiliate, (you can read more here) where I can learn new training classrooms, videos and various courses step-by-step and ask as many questions that I want! This is by far the best membership course that I have ever belonged to.

You can sign up here for free or if you would like more information about this please schedule a call with me.

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