Is it possible to make money online?

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I’m writing this post to encourage anyone who has just started online or is maybe struggling to make any money online and wonders if it really is possible!

I remember when I had my first PC which was in 2001 I believe, I had never used a computer and had no real interest in having one. A friend recommended that I learnt how to use a computer, so he kindly set me up with my first PC!

I must admit in the early days I found the computer to be more of a frustration rather than an asset, it wasn’t until probably about four years later that broadband became available and changed the way we surf the Internet. I immediately started to think that their must be away to make money from the Internet.

I search the Internet on “make money online” but there were so many scam products out there. I’ve purchased many useless products on how to make money online, each product telling me that it would be life changing and that I could make a massive income from a few clicks! I did make some money with some of the products, but it was hard work.

To cut a long story short I did put my own website up in around 2007 and I actually sold a product on the very first day that the website went live and I have carried on selling affiliate products online ever since! The reason I’m telling you this, is that I wish I knew about Wealthy Affiliate before I started trying to make money online.

If you’re new to Internet marketing, can I encourage you to go premium with Wealthy Affiliate as the training here is excellent and there are many people here to answer your questions and help you learn. I had to learn the hard way and the expensive way by buying poor products, for $29 per month you have excellent training and advice at your fingertips!