Video Editing Services

Video Editing Services
Video Editing Services

I would like to introduce you to my freelance video editing services. I am based in the UK and here to help you with your video editing requirements. Why not take the hard work out of video editing one frame at a time! I am only a call away. Let me show you how I can help. Have a look at the video below and let me show you how I can help. I have various types of assets that I can use to enhance your video, the assets range from photographs, images and audio. I do have an AI image generator, but that is something that I haven’t ventured into yet. I have a wide range of assets from country scenes, to Greek sunsets and corporate images.


You Can Take A Look At The Video Below.





According to Techsmith assets, I have access to over 100 million different assets, I’m not sure if that’s correct, as it does sound like a terrific amount of assets! But that’s what Techsmith is telling me!

Mouse Paths

The software that I use enables me to create mouse paths, clicks and keystrokes. There are several other cursor effects that can be used to enhance videos. Another useful feature is the annotations, which are brilliant for putting a circle or highlighting a certain area on the screen. These can be enhanced by fading in and out.


Zooming In And Out


Zooming in and out is a great feature, as we often want to bring up a certain spot in a particular video. The zooming feature is ideal for how to videos when we are teaching how to use software or just general training.




In the video, I demonstrate a few of the many transitions that are available between various scenes. For example, I have used a few library photographs to enhance the video. The transitions range from various types of fade to different types of blurring-out methods. Different types of wipes, from an action wipe to a four-colour wipe. Another way is to use splits; these come in all different types, from a forward shut to our drawbridge style.




Callouts are great for helping people to follow your video, they can also include clickable links within the callout. These callouts come in different styles from bubbles, arrows and rectangular callouts. There are different styles of callouts, they can bounce into the page and gently slide away, whatever your requirements.




Often, when I’m editing a video the maybe some sensitive information that you don’t want to show to the world. This type of information can easily be blurred out by a number of methods, without losing any necessary information on the video.


Visual Effects


Visual effects are a really useful feature that can change the look of your photograph or video. In the video I have a picture of Willie Lott’s cottage at Flatford Mill. I can change the look of the photograph by changing a few visual effects, which can almost change the picture totally!


Clip Speed


Clip speed is a useful feature, especially if a process is rather long and you don’t want your viewers to see the full process or a prolonged process. Clip speed can be speeded up to whatever speed you require. As you can see in the video, the clip can also be reversed.


Dynamic Backgrounds


Dynamic backgrounds can make a video look very enhanced. As you can see in the video, the backgrounds can change colour we can use the colour that matches your video theme.


To Conclude


I’m here to help with your video editing, please feel free to contact me here or Send me a WhatsApp message.